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Summer Fun at the Fort Ritchie Community Center

Summer Fun at the Fort Ritchie Community Center

Located just over the Pennsylvania state line, the Fort Ritchie Community Center (FRCC) is a pillar of the community for residents of Cascade, Maryland. Through its many recreational, fitness, and educational programs, the center is an important partner to local families and promotes health, wellness, and cultural development focused on the arts, sports, technology, and natural resources. From summer programs to fishing tournaments to resume reviews, the FRCC and its initiatives provide an important space for bringing people together and fostering a supportive community.

SGI is proud to maintain a longstanding relationship with the FRCC to provide greater opportunities for residents of the surrounding areas. SGI employees love to volunteer their time and talent at the center, and in years past, we have helped fund some of the FRCC’s popular holiday celebrations. SGI has been especially proud to support one of the FRCC’s flagship programs, the Fort Ritchie Summer Camp, over the last several years. The nine-week summer program, which caters to local children from ages 6-13, includes daily activities centered around educational and recreational themes, such as Outdoor Adventures; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math; and Ultimate Sports. Over the course of the summer, campers have the opportunity to take exciting field trips, experience nature in the surrounding areas, and learn about a variety of topics that spark their intellectual interest and curiosity.

SGI’s support for the Fort Ritchie Community Center helps provide scholarships to the summer program, ensuring that any local family, regardless of financial situation, can enroll their child in this important program.

“SGI’s investment in the community greatly improves quality of life for local children and families,” said FRCC Executive Director Buck Browning. “This year, we’re excited to expand the summer camp and include field trips as part of our weekly schedule, and SGI’s commitment to the community is what makes these things possible. And for families that live in desperate situations and just need a little help, this partnership ensures we are able to better serve them and their needs.”

At SGI, we believe in the importance of educating our youth and helping foster their appreciation for the environment at an early age. We’re deeply honored to be part of the FRCC’s mission to promote these values in the local community and improve the lives of local parents and children.

There’s no better way to invest in the betterment of our communities than to empower our young people, and we extend our deepest gratitude to the FRCC for their work to help the next generation grow and flourish.

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