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SGI Responds to Second Round of Public Comments on Northern Tract Permit Application

SGI Responds to Second Round of Public Comments on Northern Tract Permit Application

Following the department’s second public meeting and comment period about SGI’s permit applications for the proposed Northern Tract Quarry, we have prepared and submitted detailed responses to the comments made to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) about our Charmian facility in Hamiltonban Township.

We hope this information will help clearly demonstrate how SGI has made substantial efforts to meet all applicable environmental regulations, protect environmental and community values, and to help avoid and mitigate potential impacts in pursuit of the Northern Tract Quarry.

Please find copies of our responses and appendices available for download below:

SGI Responses to Public Comments (Second Round) 7-3-2019

Appendix 1.2 – Public Notice Gettysburg Times and Waynesboro Record Herald
Appendix 3.1 – NOAA Atlas 14 Precipitation Frequency Data Server Report for Northern Tract
Appendix 3.2 – Toms Creek HQ Annual Report -October 2018
Appendix 3.3 – Michaux State Forest Map
Appendix 3.4 – ESI, Economic and Fiscal Impacts of the SGI Charmian Quarry and Processing Facility, July 2019
Appendix 4.1 – PADEP 2010 Inspection of Miney Branch and M Young Property
Appendix 4.2 – Terry and Mona Young Parcel Map
Appendix 4.3 – PA DCED Flood Zone Map 461 Old Wayesboro Rd, Fairfield, PA
Appendix 4.4 – Miney Branch and Lower Mill Pond Watershed Map
Appendix 4.5 – NPDES Application Sections re Flocculent Chemicals 10-2012
Appendix 9.1 – ARM Group Letter Report re NPDES Permit Application Sampling
Appendix 9.2 – Water Sample Asbestos Results
Appendix 12.1 – PNDI Update Receipt 3-2019
Appendix 12.2 – DCNR PNDI Update Response 4-1-2019
Appendix 12.3 – PFBC Response to PNDI Update 5-14-2019
Appendix 12.4 – USFWS Update Letter 6-03-2019
Appendix 12.5 – USFWS Letter 1-19-2018
Appendix 12.6 – USFWS Letter 2-21-2019
Appendix 12.7 – USFWS Letter re Bog Turtle 4-2-2019
Appendix 16.1 – Hamiltonban Township Conditional Use Permit
Appendix 17.1 – ESI, Property Value Impact of Charmian Quarry and Processing Facility July 2019
Appendix 17.2 – Pheonix Center – Quarry Operations and Property Values – March 2018