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SGI In Your Community

SGI In Your Community

If you’re a resident of the Blue Ridge Summit community, odds are you’re familiar with Specialty Granules. You might see our names and faces at local community events or have a friend or neighbor who works with us, but how much do you know about SGI’s day-to-day work?

Since the opening of our Charmian plant in 1923, SGI has provided high-quality, mineral-based granule and aggregate products to roofing customers across the United States. We’re proud to say that our products protect more than 1 million homes across the country.

Today, asphalt-based roofing products last for more than 50 years due to the durability of mineral-based granules like those SGI manufactures. Long before a roof is installed, we mine, crush, and size highly specific types of stone into small granules at SGI operations around the country. Once properly sized, we convert those granules into roofing granules used to create the shingles that make up your roof.

SGI’s granules help create more energy efficient, resilient, and durable roofs. Because we manufacture various types of granules that serve many different purposes, your roofer is able to customize your home to best fit your needs and most pressing concerns – whether that means saving money on energy bills or safeguarding against algae or mold growth.

SGI knows the value of ensuring that you have a sturdy roof over your head. We’re thankful for the hard work our employees do each and every day to make homes across America safer and more resilient.