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Specialty Granules Facilities Honored with NSSGA Environmental Excellence Awards

This week, the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA) recognized four Specialty Granules facilities for their leadership in maintaining exemplary compliance with environmental regulation. SGI is a proud member of NSSGA, the leading voice and advocate for the aggregates industry. SGI’s Annapolis Facility received the NSSGA Gold Environmental Excellence Award. These facilities were in … Continued

SGI Celebrates National Manufacturing Day

Every year, on the first Friday in October, SGI joins companies around the nation in celebrating National Manufacturing Day, a day dedicated to recognizing the impact of modern manufacturing.

SGI In Your Community

If you’re a resident of the Blue Ridge Summit community, odds are you’re familiar with Specialty Granules. You might see our names and faces at local community events or have a friend or neighbor who works with us, but how much do you know about SGI’s day-to-day work? Since the opening of our Charmian plant … Continued

From the Roof to the Road: SGI Profiled in Rock Products Magazine

We were honored to be featured on the cover of the September issue of Rock Products, one of the leading trade publications for the aggregates industry. “From the Roof to the Road” traces our 90-plus year history in the mining industry and highlights our recent expansion into a full line of aggregates products. SGI facilities … Continued

Happy Labor Day!

As Labor Day approaches this weekend, Specialty Granules would like to take a moment to recognize our incredible team of employees. From the mines and quarries to the processing facilities where rock becomes granules, the hard work of SGI’s tradespeople, mechanics, and laborers helps to put high quality roofs over the more than 1 million … Continued

Summer Fun at the Fort Ritchie Community Center

Located just over the Pennsylvania state line, the Fort Ritchie Community Center (FRCC) is a pillar of the community for residents of Cascade, Maryland. Through its many recreational, fitness, and educational programs, the center is an important partner to local families and promotes health, wellness, and cultural development focused on the arts, sports, technology, and … Continued

From the Statehouse to Charmian: A Visit from State Senator Doug Mastriano

We were honored to welcome State Senator Doug Mastriano of Pennsylvania’s 33rd district to SGI’s Charmian facility. Special thanks to Senator Mastriano for his visit and the opportunity to share SGI’s story and work in the Blue Ridge Summit community. We look forward to continuing to work together with our civic leaders to keep our … Continued

Back to School with Sydney’s Wonder Web at the Renfrew Institute

Over the years, SGI has been honored to partner with one of our favorite organizations, the Renfrew Institute for Cultural & Environmental Studies, on myriad educational and community programs for local families in south-central Pennsylvania. In keeping with its mission of promoting cultural and natural stewardship of our local environment and community, the Renfrew Institute … Continued

Celebrating the Great Outdoors with our Community at the Mason-Dixon Appalachian Trail Outdoor Fest

Located in the shadows of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains and just a few miles from the Appalachian Trail, our SGI Charmian family is full of hikers, hunters, fishers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. All of us at SGI love nothing more than celebrating our natural environment, as well as those in our community who … Continued

SGI Responds to Second Round of Public Comments on Northern Tract Permit Application

Following the department’s second public meeting and comment period about SGI’s permit applications for the proposed Northern Tract Quarry, we have prepared and submitted detailed responses to the comments made to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) about our Charmian facility in Hamiltonban Township. We hope this information will help clearly demonstrate how SGI … Continued