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Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

As Labor Day approaches this weekend, Specialty Granules would like to take a moment to recognize our incredible team of employees.

From the mines and quarries to the processing facilities where rock becomes granules, the hard work of SGI’s tradespeople, mechanics, and laborers helps to put high quality roofs over the more than 1 million American homes every year.

SGI is proud to have more than 560 employees across our operations, which span from Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania all the way to Ione, California. These dedicated employees make Specialty Granules an exceptional place to work and are core to SGI’s community service and environmental stewardship efforts. We’re proud to say that SGI employees aren’t just invested in the success of our business; they’re committed to the success of our communities.

To all of our employees who make our work possible – thank you! We hope you have a wonderful, relaxing Labor Day with family & friends.