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Back to School with Sydney’s Wonder Web at the Renfrew Institute

Back to School with Sydney’s Wonder Web at the Renfrew Institute

Over the years, SGI has been honored to partner with one of our favorite organizations, the Renfrew Institute for Cultural & Environmental Studies, on myriad educational and community programs for local families in south-central Pennsylvania.

In keeping with its mission of promoting cultural and natural stewardship of our local environment and community, the Renfrew Institute supports and conducts research on natural and cultural history, creates important educational opportunities for children and adults, and provides programming that both informs and entertains the community. One of the most popular and exciting programs at the Renfrew Institute is Sydney’s Wonder Web, an interactive program that teaches second and third graders about the natural world.

Throughout the school year, groups of 15-30 students enjoy participating in a creative and immersive storytelling program to help Sydney, the program’s namesake spider puppet, build her web, all while learning how the natural environment contributes to the natural habitats that support plants, animals, and all living things. Focusing on the “nine parts of nature” – soil, water, air, sunlight, plants, animals, insects, fungus, and humans – the program helps children more deeply explore the natural world outside of their classroom curriculum. At the end of the program, they even earn a special necklace to help them remember their experiences and share them with family members.

“The cornerstone of the Renfrew Institute’s mission is a program series for school children in several disciplines, including environmental education,” said Tracey Holliday, Executive Director of the Renfrew Institute. “All of us at Renfrew Institute are grateful for the ways SGI supports our mission and activities in the community. Their sponsorship of Sydney’s Wonder Web touches hundreds of young lives annually, inviting scientific understanding of ecological communities through fun and memorable experiences for some of our youngest naturalists.”

The Renfrew Institute’s mission strongly aligns with SGI’s commitment to the environment and our belief in the importance of being good stewards of our land and our community. As underwriters of the Sydney’s Wonder Web program, SGI is so proud to help bring the Renfrew Institute’s important work to the area’s children and families.

SGI is thrilled to partner with the Renfrew Institute on a number of events and community initiatives. For more information about upcoming events, please visit, and to learn more about SGI’s work in the community, check out the SGI Community homepage.